Friday, February 18, 2011


ART MACHINE is an art vending machine that has been bought into this world by alife. I have seen art vending machines have in existence before as a part of festivals and fairs through the simple act of requisitioning an old obsolete machine and packing it with small craft or artworks, zines, or one off artist decorated t-shirts. What makes alife's ART MACHINE different to the usual grassroots art vending machines, is that it has major financial support from G-Shock and a selection of work from over 50 world-stage artists and cultural contributers who include Bast, Eric Haze, Goeff McFetridge, Kenny Scharf, Neckface, Romon Yang aka “ROSTARR,” Ryan McGinness, and Todd James.

The items in ART MACHINE include an artist’s underwear, actual miniature artworks, and limited edition products from G-Shock, however, a customer of ART MACHINE wishing to make a purchase can only choose from those at the front. As purchases are made, the options cycle forward revealing a new product becoming available that was previously unknown. There is are elements of chance and risk in the buying process because what can be seen in the front display of ART MACHINE may be a one off opportunity.

Ordinarily when art vending machine projects are carried out by smaller arts groups or communities, they can be seen as political acts commenting on the commercialisation of culture but ART MACHINE cannot make this argument as it is heavily supported by a business who has a commercial interest (G-Shock) and is using ART MACHINE as a platform to disseminate its own product and increase brand awareness. The crux of ART MACHINE is a result of commercial consumption becoming a leisure activity. The machine as object, is singular, an oddity or a sideshow, a fun and novel way of experiencing the 'buy'.



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