Thursday, May 12, 2011

ARTICLE: Art Crushes are real.

Turns out that Art Crushes are real, or more correctly, the enjoyment from looking at art that you like can raise the blood flow to the brain by 10%, the same amount as if you were to adoringly behold a loved one.

The study comes from University College London with the chair of neuroaesthetics at the helm. Full details here:

It would be interesting to find out the the results of other stimuli, such as well photographed food (which has come to be known as 'food porn' thanks to our gastrocentric society), or actual porn, or even photgraphs of famly members and perhaps celebrities.

Makes the term 'art boner' seem that much more justified. Speaking of art boners, heres an Art Crush: Tauba Auerbach.


Blogging Skater said...

it seems like you really have to love art for this effect to occur on your body

BigSkull said...

Nice article

Mr Taffy said...

I'm not sure i understand the "art crush"