Monday, March 21, 2011

REVIEW: House Me Within a Geometric Quality- Platform

‘House Me Within a Geometric Quality’ is a group exhibition curated by Patrice Sharkey at Platform featuring Liang Luscombe, Antonia Sellback, Esther Stewart, and Masato Takasaka.

This exhibition is a real credit to Sharkey’s casting as a curator, especially for calling Takasaka on board. Not only does Takasaka have an art-boner for edges and corners in his own work but his contribution for ‘HMWaGQ’ has been to bring together the work of almost 40 more artists from the ‘Everything Always All Ready-Made Wannabe Studio Masatotectures Museum of Found Refractions 1994-2011’, or in other words: it’s Takasaka’s own personal stash, a collection of work with ‘geometric qualities’ that Takasaka has gathered together from other artists since 1994.

With this mass of work Takasaka has transformed the rectangular Platform window boxes into wonder chambers built into the wall, each one a sonnet, or a hidden cave wall shrine, dedicated to the glory of the holy trinity, 'colour, shape and form', visually sung by a chorus of artists.

With photography used in advertising and hours spent screen gazing online, we are bombarded by images that contain clearly recognisable subject matter, and with the recent addition of 3-D technology to personal video and visual-based electronics, the representational just got a little more real. Colour, shape and form may be the building blocks that form the images we see but they are rarely celebrated in their own right.

‘House Me Within a Geometric Quality’ puts colour, shape and form at the fore and focuses on them as the subject matter as opposed to them being secondary, as components of an image that is representational of the real as they so commonly are.

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